May 12, 2015 Minutes


Friends of the Farm Board

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

1:15 pm

Present:         Doug MacDonald, Lane MacLaren, Nora Jenkins, Gertie Purdy, Catherine Hennessey, Jason MacEachern, Sylvia Poirier, Laura Lee Howard, Libby Martin

Regrets:         Roger Younker, Connie MacKay Carr, Lane MacLaren


  1. Call to order

Vice Chair, Doug MacDonald called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to                        the meeting.


2.   Approval of Agenda

Sylvia Poirier moved, Catherine Hennessey  seconded,  the approval of                                  the agenda. Motion carried.


  1. Approval of Minutes of April 14, 2015

Jason MacEachern moved, Laura Lee Howard  seconded, the approval of the                        minutes of April 14,  2015. Motion carried.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Nora Jenkins reported a bank balance of $5,620.96  with $ 281.26 from 2014                                     to be deposited.


  1. Business arising from Minutes
  • Meeting with the Mayor – Nora Jenkins and Doug MacDonald reported that they, along with Lane MacLaren had met with the Mayor. They reported that the Mayor expressed that the proposal to Hon Gail Shea and the federal government will not proceed without the support of the Confederacy. The Mayor stressed the importance of continuing to lobby federal and provincial politicians and of continuing public awareness.  Friends to keep doing what we are doing as without Friends work we would not be as far as we are now.  Friends should talk to MP Gail Shea’s office and unless we have an MP on the government side, much change isn’t likely.

He suggested we should get a commitment in writing from MP Sean Casey, as he                                     represents the local riding and it appears now as if he will after the next election.                        We should write posing a question of his support to which he would have to reply     in writing.We should talk to as many local MLAs as possible to bring them up to                 date and seek their support. Then we should talk to local provincial cabinet                  ministers. Then we should follow that up with a meeting with the Premier to gain                  provincial support.

  • Meeting with Hon Gail Shea office.  Sylvia Poirier will arrange for this meeting,
  • Website – Nora Jenkins informed that she had not received a response from Josh Weale whether he would continue as a Board member and whether he could help with the website.
  • Clean up the Farm Day – May 23, 2015

Sylvia Poirier distributed letters to be taken to businesses.

Laura Lee Howard offered to put the letter in neighbours mailboxes.

Laura Lee will call into CBC community line and she will contact CBC.

Lane MacLaren is to contact the Research Station.

Nora Jenkins will request for an email to the membership.

SubWay and Mary Brown’s Chicken – Nora Jenkins

Burger King – Doug MacDonald

MacDonald’s – Doug MacDonald

KFC – Doug MacDonald

RCMP – Jason MacEachern

CBC  – Laura Lee Howard

Indigo  – Catherine Hennessey

Farmer’s Market – Nora Jenkins

Superstore – Nora Jenkins

Farm Centre – Nora Jenkins

Tim Horton’s  – Gertie Purdy and Laura Lee Howard

  • Kite Day – Kite Day will be in October.  Laura Lee Howard will look for the Dollar Store Kites. She asked that others be on the look out for these kites.


7.    New Business

  • Legacy Garden Letter – Nora Jenkins reported sending a letter to Charlottetown Royalty Rotary Club in support of the Legacy Garden. The Club is considering support for the Legacy garden.
  • Crown Garden – Doug MacDonald informed that Van Kampen will again supply the plants , 133 dozen, at half price. Planting will take place around June 10 with the help of Ron Richard. It was agreed that Friends Board look after maintenance and a schedule will be made at the June meeting.
  • Memorial Garden – Libby Martin has checked on the Garden and will continue to do so.


8.  Adjournment and Date of Next Meeting

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


The date of the next meeting is June 9, 2015 at 1:15 pm.



Lane MacLaren                                                        Nora Jenkins

Chair                                                                          Secretary

Friends of the Farm                                                Friends of the Farm