September 10, 2013 Minutes


Friends of the Farm Board meeting

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ravenwood Boardroom


Present:     Lane MacLaren, Nora Jenkins, Gertie Purdy, Ken MacDonald, Doug MacDonald, Catherine Hennessey, Connie Mackay Carr, Laura Lee Howard, Sylvia Poirier,

Regrets:    Libby Martin, Kim Devine, Roger Younker


1.        Call to Order

Chair, Lane MacLaren called the meeting to order.


2.Approval of the agenda

Catherine Hennessey moved, Ken MacDonald seconded the approval of the agenda. Motion carried.


3.      Approval of minutes of May 30, 2013           

Ken MacDonald  moved, Doug MacDonald  seconded the approval of the minutes of May 30, 2013.  Motion carried.


   4.      Financial Report

Nora Jenkins presented the Financial Review of the Friends of the Farm for the year April 1, 2012 to March 31 2013 as prepared by Doug Ezeard.

Nora Jenkins moved, Gertie Purdy seconded that the Review be approved. Motion carried.

Nora Jenkins reported the bill for the Janice Simmons Award was paid from the memorial funds.


5.   Business Arising from Minutes

·         Janice Simmonds Award

The Award was displayed and received very favorable comment as did the small presentation award.  It was suggested that a small wooden plaque similar to the McAskill plaque on the back be placed on the front each year with the name of the recipient.

Sylvia Poirier moved, Laura Lee Howard seconded that ten small presentation awards be made and kept for future years. Motion carried.

The first recipient will be Lloyd MacLeod and it will be presented at the annual meeting.

It was agreed that a gift certificate be given to Henry Purdy to thank him for his work on the Award. This will be presented at the Annual.

The Board is to consider where the Award will be placed.

·         Annual Meeting

It was agreed that Lane MacLaren would speak to Bert Christie to invite Bert to speak on the research done on the Farm over the years.  It is possible that he invite Leith Thompson to speak with him.

Tentative dates are November 4, 5 or the following week.

The Farm Centre is the suggested venue

·         Memorial Bench and Crown Garden Maintenance

Doug MacDonald informed that the plants will need to be removed in the fall.

It was suggested that a framed picture of the Garden to given to VanKampens as a thank you for their support. Connie MacKay Carr agreed to get the picture done.

Lane MacLaren reported that he was required to sign a document entitled: “License of Occupation” for the purpose of maintaining the Royal Crown Flower Bed at the Crops and Livestock Research Centre situated in the City of Charlottetown, PEI. The purpose is to remove any liability on the part of Ag Canada.


·         Senator Callbeck Tree

It was agreed that there was a good turn out and a very positive tree planting.  Senator Callbeck was very pleased and made very supportive comments. A type of Linden was planted.

6.   New Business

·         Laura Lee Howard informed that a Contribution Agreement needed to be signed and returned to the 2014 Celebration office.  Insurance fort he event was noted as a question and Laura Lee will speak with Wayne Riley of Ag Canada.

The date for the Soar to New Heights is tentatively October 11, or 12, 2014.


7.Adjournment and date of next meeting


           There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

The date of the next meeting is Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 1:15 pm in the Ravenwood Boardroom.





            Lane MacLaren                                               Nora Jenkins

            Chair                                                               Secretary