Premier Wade MacLaughlin Plants an Oak Tree

Premier Wade MacLauchlin planted a Red Oak in the Premier’s Grove at the Experimental Farm on Thursday, September 15, 2016.

He was joined by members of the Friends of the Farm, and is pictured with Lane MacLaren, chair of the Friends of the Farm Board.

History of shovel use.

02-09-1979 Mrs Lorne Ross
03-09-1979 Hon. Walter R Shaw
30-09-1979 Hon. Alexander Campbell
30-09-1979 Hon. W. Bennett Campbell
30-09-1985 Hon. T Angus MacLean
29-09-1985 Hon. James M Lee
29-09-1985 Hon. Eugene Walen
30-06-1986 Hon. Joseph Ghiz
08-10-2011 Hon. Keith Milligan
08-10-2011 Hon. Pat Binns
08-10-2011 Hon. Robert Ghiz
11-09-2013 Hon Catherine Callbeck