Memberships and Donations

Memberships and donations are necessary for the Friends of the Farm to continue and to do projects.

Donations may be mailed to:
Friends of the Farm,
PO Box 265,
Stn Central,
C1A 7K4

New Friend and Renewal Memberships are welcome and appreiciated.
These funds go directly to supporting the Farm!

$10 – Single
$15 – Family

Mail a cheque made out to “Friends of the Farm(PEI)” to

Friends of the Farm PEI c/o LL Howard
16 Barrymore Court
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 8C6

Please include your mailing address, phone number and email address:


Use Interact E-transfer to:

Should you choose e-transfer, please contact Laura Lee Howard, Chair Membership, with your mailing address, telephone number and email address at

Thank you for your support.

The Royal Crown Garden will be planted on this the year of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

The beautiful raised garden bed, representing the Queen’s Crown, was created to commemorate the visit of HRH Queen Elizabeth II, to PEI in 1973.

The plants required to create the crown design are expensive and this along with the necessary watering will cost the Friends over $3,000.00.

The City of Charlottetown no longer provides the watering and the Friends must hire a mobile water service. The City will provide a grant of $2,000.00 toward the Garden plants and watering.

Your help is apprieciated

Clean Up the Farm Day 2022

Saturday, May 14, 2022 am

Please gather behind Ravenwood.

Come and enjoy a walk around the Experimental Farm and as we gather the litter from the winter.  

This is an annual project of the Friends of the Farm and all help is appreciated.  

We coincide the date with the WI Roadside Clean Up Day.

2021 Crown Garden

Our Crown Garden is beautiful.

Thanks to Agriculture Canada for their help and support with planting the Garden, and the City of Charlottetown for the Grant that assisted with obtaining with the plants for the Garden.

AGM 2021- Island Trails to join Friends of the Farm at the Haviland Club

Michael Salter, Chair of Island Trails will be the guest speaker at a public meeting of the Friends of the Farm on November 3 at 7 p.m. at the Haviland Club.

Mr. Salter will touch on the history as well as the ongoing challenges related to building and maintaining woodland trails and acting as an advocate for non-motorized transportation on our trails.  He will also speak to Island Trail’s latest and most ambitious initiative, the development of the  Island Walk, a 700 kilometre, 32 day walk around the whole of Prince Edward Island. This talk will be accompanied by a slide presentation.

The public is warmly invited to attend and to appreciate the remarkable achievements of this volunteer group.

Janice Simmons Award will be presented following Mr. Salter’s talk.This award is given annually by the Friends, in memory of  Janice Simmonds, to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the creation, protection, preservation or management of public green spaces.

The Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Farm will follow. The Friends welcome everyone interested to join this meeting. The mandate of the Friends of the Farm is to ensure that the 88 acres known as the Experimental Farm remain green for all to enjoy.
The gathering will follow CPHO guidelines. Masks are required as is evidence of double vaccination.

Awesome Volunteers

Recently two student groups were spotted cleaning up The Farm!

In this photo, Birchwood Junior High School students are cleaning up in memory of their late teacher, Josh Underhay.

The next day, students from The Mount Academy also did some cleanup.

Thank you to these schools and classes!

Polishing the Jewel

2021 Annual Clean up the Farm day – Everyone welcome

Friends of the Farm will again scour the fields and bushes and the trail that runs through the Experimental Farm on Saturday, May 8, 9 am on their annual Clean up the Farm day. We will gather behind Ravenwood.  

The Farm, 88 acres of splendid greenery, sits in the heart of our Capital City. Friends of the Farm (PEI) Inc, incorporated in 2004, is an association of volunteers concerned about the future use of that land within the City of Charlottetown commonly referred to as “The Experimental Farm”.

The “Friends” wish to see the land preserved as green space with the possible inclusion of such facilities as gardens of different kinds, an arboretum, walks, and agricultural demonstrations, for the use of the general public. 

The Friends invite and welcome anyone interested in becoming a member to join them. Please share our website

Building Partnerships: Exploring Nature On PEI

The Friends of the Farm recently held a special evening with guest speaker Dan McAskill.

Dan’s presentation was titled “Building Partnerships: Exploring Nature On PEI.” He began his talk by giving thanks to his many mentors, including Diane Griffin, Kathy Martin, Dr. Ian MacQuarrie, Professor Darryl Guignon, Rev Charlie Cheverie, Dr. Ed Johnson, Dr. Louis Hanic, Dr. Lawson Drake, JP Arsenault, Dr. Stephen Manley, Dr. Doug Sobey and Bill Glen, Geoff Hogan, Scott Makepeace, Dwayne Sabine, David Seeler, Dwaine, Oakley, Ray Cooke, Rosemary Curley, Joy and Cam Finlay and Harry Baglole.

He further outlined several decades of cooperative projects undertaken with Nature PEI, Island Nature Trust, Nature Canada, Hillsborough River Association, Hunters for Conservation, Bald Eagle Festival, Birds Canada and the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation.

Following his presentation, Dan was presented with the Janice Simmonds Award. This award is given annually by the Friends of the Farm, in memory of Janice Simmonds, to an individual or group who have made a significant contribution to the creation, protection, preservation or management of public green spaces. Dan was thanked for his many years of outstanding work.

Nora Jenkins, President, gave the annual report.

The Friends of the Farm continue to be advocates to keep the land known as the Experimental Farm green. This land is owned by Agriculture Canada and is used for crop experimental purposes. The Board communicates with the local Agriculture Canada Manager who is responsible for the Farm. Permissions for requests however, come from Ottawa.

Projects that have been established are :

The Premier’s Grove,
Clean Up the Farm Day,
The Royal Crown Garden,
Public education and,
The Janice Simmonds Award.

The Friends of the Farm ( ) is a group of volunteers who work on behalf of a large membership who wish to see the lands known as “The Experimental Farm” kept green in perpetuity

The members of the Board for 2020-2021

Nora Jenkins, Co-Chair,
Sharon Larter Co-Chair,
Libby Martin, Secretary,
Connie MacKay Carr, Treasurer,
Lane MacLaren,
Laura Lee Howard,
Catherine Hennessey,
Sylvia Poirier,
Linda Thomas,
Valerie Beer,
Lily Gillespie,
Frank Morrison and,
Steve Knechtel.