Building Partnerships: Exploring Nature On PEI

The Friends of the Farm recently held a special evening with guest speaker Dan McAskill.

Dan’s presentation was titled “Building Partnerships: Exploring Nature On PEI.” He began his talk by giving thanks to his many mentors, including Diane Griffin, Kathy Martin, Dr. Ian MacQuarrie, Professor Darryl Guignon, Rev Charlie Cheverie, Dr. Ed Johnson, Dr. Louis Hanic, Dr. Lawson Drake, JP Arsenault, Dr. Stephen Manley, Dr. Doug Sobey and Bill Glen, Geoff Hogan, Scott Makepeace, Dwayne Sabine, David Seeler, Dwaine, Oakley, Ray Cooke, Rosemary Curley, Joy and Cam Finlay and Harry Baglole.

He further outlined several decades of cooperative projects undertaken with Nature PEI, Island Nature Trust, Nature Canada, Hillsborough River Association, Hunters for Conservation, Bald Eagle Festival, Birds Canada and the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation.

Following his presentation, Dan was presented with the Janice Simmonds Award. This award is given annually by the Friends of the Farm, in memory of Janice Simmonds, to an individual or group who have made a significant contribution to the creation, protection, preservation or management of public green spaces. Dan was thanked for his many years of outstanding work.

Nora Jenkins, President, gave the annual report.

The Friends of the Farm continue to be advocates to keep the land known as the Experimental Farm green. This land is owned by Agriculture Canada and is used for crop experimental purposes. The Board communicates with the local Agriculture Canada Manager who is responsible for the Farm. Permissions for requests however, come from Ottawa.

Projects that have been established are :

The Premier’s Grove,
Clean Up the Farm Day,
The Royal Crown Garden,
Public education and,
The Janice Simmonds Award.

The Friends of the Farm ( ) is a group of volunteers who work on behalf of a large membership who wish to see the lands known as “The Experimental Farm” kept green in perpetuity

The members of the Board for 2020-2021

Nora Jenkins, Co-Chair,
Sharon Larter Co-Chair,
Libby Martin, Secretary,
Connie MacKay Carr, Treasurer,
Lane MacLaren,
Laura Lee Howard,
Catherine Hennessey,
Sylvia Poirier,
Linda Thomas,
Valerie Beer,
Lily Gillespie,
Frank Morrison and,
Steve Knechtel.