AGM 2021- Island Trails to join Friends of the Farm at the Haviland Club

Michael Salter, Chair of Island Trails will be the guest speaker at a public meeting of the Friends of the Farm on November 3 at 7 p.m. at the Haviland Club.

Mr. Salter will touch on the history as well as the ongoing challenges related to building and maintaining woodland trails and acting as an advocate for non-motorized transportation on our trails.  He will also speak to Island Trail’s latest and most ambitious initiative, the development of the  Island Walk, a 700 kilometre, 32 day walk around the whole of Prince Edward Island. This talk will be accompanied by a slide presentation.

The public is warmly invited to attend and to appreciate the remarkable achievements of this volunteer group.

Janice Simmons Award will be presented following Mr. Salter’s talk.This award is given annually by the Friends, in memory of  Janice Simmonds, to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to the creation, protection, preservation or management of public green spaces.

The Annual Meeting of the Friends of the Farm will follow. The Friends welcome everyone interested to join this meeting. The mandate of the Friends of the Farm is to ensure that the 88 acres known as the Experimental Farm remain green for all to enjoy.
The gathering will follow CPHO guidelines. Masks are required as is evidence of double vaccination.