AGM 06-11-2012



Farm Centre, University Avenue

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

7 P.M.

1. Call to Order

Acting Chair, Lane MacLaren called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting. Lloyd MacLeod, Honourary Chair, and Bert Christie, past Board member, were recognized.

2. Approval of Agenda

Kim Devine moved, Bert Christie the approval of the agenda. Motion carried.

3. Approval of the minutes of the 2011 annual meeting, November 21, 2011.

Sylvia Poirier moved, Libby Martin seconded the approval of the minutes of the previous annual meeting on November 21, 2011. Motion carried.

4. Review of the years activities

Lane Mac Laren, acting chair, reviewed the activities of the Friends of the Farm of the past year. He highlighted the Crown Garden which was planted again this year, and he expressed appreciation to Doug MacDonald who volunteer’s considerable time to making sure the garden is planted and who arranges with VanKampen Nursery to obtain plants at half price. It was pointed out that staff of the Experimental Farm plant the Crown Garden but do not maintain and that volunteers with Friends of the Farm will need to do this another year.

Mr MacLaren noted the presentation which was organized in the spring for the public with Kevin Garvey about early and present day apple growing on Prince Edward Island with particular note on the apple orchard that stood on the Experimental Farm.

Noted as well is the revamped website for the Friends of the Farm which is kept up to date thanks to Connie MacKay Carr. And that there have been meetings with the City of Charlottetown, management of the Research Station and the Hon. Gail Shea with the purpose to continue to advocate for the Farms future as green space.


5. Financial Report

Nora Jenkins, Secretary Treasurer, circulated the financial report/review for the year April 2011 – March 2012. Nora Jenkins moved, Lloyd MacLeod seconded, the adoption of the financial review as presented by the accountant firm of Arsenault, Best, Cameron and Ellis. Motion carried. Nora Jenkins moved, Sylvia Mulligan seconded that Arsenault, Best, Cameron and Ellis be the accountants for the financial review for the Friends of the Farm for the year April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013. Motion carried.

6. Membership Report

Gertie Purdy, Membership Chair, thanked members for support and reported that there are 340 members of the Friends of the Farm. Gertie Purdy moved, Doug MacDonald seconded the adoption of the membership report. Motion carried.

7. Nominating Committee Report

Sylvia Poirier presented the nomination report: Chair Lane MacLaren, Vice Chair Doug MacDonald and board member to fill vacancy, Laura Lee Howard. Ms. Poirier called for nominations from the floor. There being none, she moved, Roger Younker seconded the adoption of the nominating report.

8. Remembering Janice Simmonds

Lane MacLaren paid tribute and made remembrance of Janice Simmonds, Board Chair, who passed away on Monday, May 28. He noted that Janice displayed a strong passion for the Charlottetown Experimental Farm property and continued to contribute as board chair during her illness. Mr. MacLaren expressed Janice’s love for the environment which went beyond the farm property, that she truly loved the outdoors, fresh air and open green spaces.

The love Janice showed for nature was very strong, however her love for family and friends was by far her greatest passion. The Simmonds/ MacEachern families have lost a cherished family member. As we move forward together it will be important to remember Janice and draw inspiration from her as we continue in our daily lives. Janice’s dedication, passion and positive attitude will continue to motivate our board members as our work continues”.

Mr. MacLaren then announced that The Friends of the Farm Board have decided to establish “The Janice Simmonds Memorial Award” . This award along with the memorial bench, which will be placed on Confederation Trail on the Farm, are made possible by donations made to the Janice Simmonds Memorial Fund. The award is being designed by Friends of the Farm member and artist, Henry Purdy, and will be presented in the spring 2013. Criteria for the award was circulated and is as follows:


Janice Simmonds Award

An award established by the Friends of the Farm (PEI) Inc. to honour an individual, group, or agency who/which has made a significant contribution to the creation, protection, preservation, or management of public green spaces on Prince Edward Island, including but not limited to the land within the City of Charlottetown commonly referred to as “The Experimental Farm”.


To support the work of individuals or groups who are involved in the creation, protection, preservation, or management of public green spaces on Prince Edward Island

To recognize outstanding efforts and advocacy which have resulted in the creation, protection, preservation, or management of public green spaces on Prince Edward Island

To encourage award recipients and others to continue their efforts to enhance the importance and benefits of public green spaces for the people and the natural environment of Prince Edward Island

Potential Recipients

Individuals or groups who have successfully lobbied or advocated with government bodies for the establishment or preservation of pubic green spaces

Individuals or groups who have raised the public consciousness regarding the importance and value of green spaces through programs or publicity efforts

Individuals or groups who have done research or written documentation related to existing or potential public green spaces and/or to the value and importance of green spaces to the public and to the natural heritage of Prince Edward Island

9. Introduction of Guest Speaker

Kim Devine introduced guest speaker, Catherine Hennessey, who addressed the topic Ravenwood – An Early Estate, A Place in History, A Local Treasure with pictures, much historical information and good wit. Doug MacDonald thanked Ms. Hessessey for sharing her considerable knowledge on the topic. Appreciation was shown.

10. Adjournment

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.


Lane MacLaren Nora Jenkins

Chair Secretary