AGM 28-10-2014



Farm Centre, University Avenue

Tuesday, October 28,2014

7 P.M.

1.        Call to Order

Chair, Lane MacLaren called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone. The members of the Friends of the Farm Board were introduced. Mr. MacLaren recognized Kim Devine and Ken MacDonald, retiring members of the Board, and expressed thanks for their contribution as members of the Friends of the Farm Board.

2.        Approval of Agenda

Sylvia Poirier  moved, Ewen Stewart seconded the approval of the agenda. Motion carried.

3.        Approval of the minutes of the 2013 annual meeting, November 5, 2013.

Bert Christie moved, Libby Martin  seconded the approval of the minutes of the previous annual meeting on November 5, 2013. Motion carried.

4.        Review of the years activities

Lane MacLaren, chair, reviewed the activities of the Friends of the Farm of the past year.  He reported that the Friends of the Farm Board met monthly, with the exception of March, July and August, to carry on the business of the Friends of the Farm.  He highlighted the Crown Garden which was planted again this year, and he expressed appreciation to Doug MacDonald who volunteered considerable time to making sure the garden was planted and who arranged with thanks to VanKampen Nursery to obtain plants at half price.

During Feb  meeting Adam Maclean addressed the board regarding the 2014 legacy garden.

Permanent location for the Janice Simmonds award has been found and is in a display cabinet at the Farm Centre.

Second annual Clean up the Farm day held in May with great success, with the plan to partner with area businesses next year.

The Board met  with Charlottetown MP Sean Casey.

A 2014 grant was received and Soaring to New Heights was held with great success with thanks to Laura Lee Howard and Connie MacKay Carr, also Ag Canada, the Farm Centre, Newcomers Association, Beamish Apple Orchard.

Board has begun exploring the possibility of either receiving a commitment or funding from the Fed government for the restoration of the cereal barn and Ravenwood house and this is in early stages.

Mr. MacLaren also informed the meeting of the work that was done by the Board to receive consensus with the Mi’kmag Confederacy and the City of Charlottetown which resulted in a proposal which was taken to Hon Gail Shea, MP Egmont, to be presented to the federal government  and proposed that the Farm be granted to the people of PEI as a 2014 legacy gift.


5.        Financial Report   

Nora Jenkins, Secretary Treasurer, circulated the financial statement  for the year April 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014.  Thanks was expressed to the accounting firm of Arsenault, Best, Ellis, Cameron for providing the Financial Review  and found to be in accordance with the Canadian accounting standards for not for profit organizations.

Nora Jenkins moved, Bert Christie seconded,  the acceptance of the Financial Statement as presented. Motion carried.

Nora Jenkins  moved, Sylvia Poirier seconded  that Arsensault Best Cameron Ellis be asked to provide the financial review for the year April 1 2014 to March 31, 2015. Motion carried.

6.        Membership Report

Gertie Purdy, Membership Chair, thanked members for support and reported that there are 359 on the list as members of the Friends of the Farm. She noted that the annual meeting marks the beginning of a new year and that memberships for the upcoming year are now due. Gertie Purdy moved, Steve Knechtel seconded the adoption of the membership report.  Motion carried.

7.        Nominating Committee Report          

Nora Jenkins presented the nomination report: Chair,Lane MacLaren,Vice Chair      Doug MacDonald,Secretary Treasurer Nora Jenkins, Directors Connie MacKay Carr, Gertie Purdy. Roger Younker, Libby Martin, Catherine Hennessey, Sylvia Poirier, Laura Lee Howard, Josh Weale. Jason MacEachern.

Mr MacLaren called for nominations from the floor.  There being none, Doug MacDonald moved, Kirsten Connor seconded  the adoption of the nominating report.  Motion carried.


8.        Introduction of Guest Speaker           

Sylvia Poirier introduced guest speaker, Gary Schneider, forester and environmental educator, who presented on the topic “How to Love a Forest” which was well received and appreciated. Doug MacDonald thanked the guest speaker.


9.       Presentation of the Janice Simmonds Award

            Lane MacLaren introduced the Janice Simmonds Award and explained that the Janice Simmonds Award was  established by the Friends of the Farm (PEI) Inc. to honour an individual, group, or agency who/which has made a significant contribution to the creation, protection, preservation, or management of public green spaces on Prince Edward Island, including but not limited to the land within the City of Charlottetown commonly referred to as “The Experimental Farm”.

Lane MacLaren then announced  the recipient, Gary Schneider, for his work as a forester on PEI, an educator and in particular, his work a the Macphail Woods.  Percy Simmonds presented the award.


10.      Adjournment

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.


Lane MacLaren                                                       Nora Jenkins

Chair                                                                          Secretary