AGM 07-11-2018

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

7:00 P.M.

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Agenda
  3. Approval of the minutes November 7, 2017 AGM.
  4. Review of the years activities Lane MacLaren
  5. Financial Report Nora Jenkins, Treasurer
  6. Membership Report Gertie Purdy, Membership Chair
  7. Future of Crown Garden
  8. Nominating Committee Report
  9. Introduction of Guest Speaker Sharon Larter
    PEI Women’s Institute and the Roadside Cleanup Project
  10. Thank – you and presentation of Janice Simmonds Award Lane MacLaren
  11. Adjournment and refreshments

Minutes 2018 AGM

Minutes June 2012

22 Brittany Drive, Charlottetown
Tuesday, June 12, 2012
12 noon

Present:    Ken MacDonald, Gertie Purdy, Libby Martin, Connie MacKay Carr, Lane MacLaren, Doug MacDonald, Nora Jenkins,Catherine Hennessey, Sylvia Poirier,Bert Christie.
Regrets:    Kim Devine,  Roger Younker.

1.    Call to Order
Lane MacLaren, Vice Chair, called the meeting to order. Lane spoke with respect of the passing of the Friends of the Farm Board Chair, Janice Simmonds.
Lane welcomed Bert Christie, past Board member, to the meeting.  Lane thanked Nora Jenkins for hosting the meeting and for arranging lunch.

2.    Approval of the Agenda
Ken MacDonald moved, Doug MacDonald seconded, the approval of the agenda. Motion carried.

3.    Approval of the minutes of May 8, 2012
Ken MacDonald moved, Doug MacDonald seconded the approval of the minutes of May 8, 2012.  Motion carried.

4.    Financial report
Nora Jenkins reported a bank balance of $3,414.44.  She reported a deposit made of $2580.00 from Memorials made in the name of Janice Simmonds.
She noted that the Friends need one more signing authority.
Catherine Hennessey moved, Connie MacKay Carr seconded that Doug MacDonald be authorized to sign cheques for the Friends of the Farm. Motion carried.

5.    Business from previous meeting
·    Premier’s Grove – Lane MacLaren agreed to contact Senator Callbeck to have her tree planted.  Doug MacDonald will check the health of the four trees.  Nora Jenkins will arrange for a replacement of a tree if needed. Connie MacKay Carr will arrange for plaques for the trees.  It was suggested that there be a map of the trees planted.
·    “Crown” Garden – Doug MacDonald reported that 132 dozen plants have arrived from Van Kampen’s who have supplied the plants at half price once again. Planting will take place next week. Nora Jenkins agreed to arrange for a Guardian picture once the plants are established. Doug was thanked for his work on the Crown garden.
·    Rhododendron Garden – Ken MacDonald will arrange for two rhododendrons to be planted. Thanks were expressed to Ken MacDonald for his donation of these plants.
·    Kevin Garvey Presentation – It was agreed that this was a well received presentation that was well attended. Connie MacKay Carr moved, Libby Martin seconded that the Friends of the Farm purchase the DVD that has been prepared by Mr. Garvey on the history of Apple Orchards on PEI. Motion carried.  Nora Jenkins agreed to contact Mr. Garvey regarding the purchase.

6.    New Business
·    Acting Chair – It was agreed that Lane MacLaren, Vice Chair, carry out the Chair duties until the annual meeting.
·    Annual Meeting – It was agreed to set the date later.  It was agreed that thought be given to a guest speaker.  A suggestion was the history of Ravenwood before the Experimental Farm.  Nora Jenkins agreed to contact Ed MacDonald re this topic.
·    Memorials – It was agreed that receipts be written.  Gertie Purdy, Connie MacKay Carr and Sylvia Poirier would look after this task.  A thank you letter would be prepared and Nora Jenkins would organize and carry out the mailing to who made donations to the Friends of the Farm in Janice Simmonds memory.
·    Letter to the Simmonds family – It was agreed that a thank you letter be written to the Simmonds Family for designating the Memorials to the Friends of the Farm.
·    Plan for the Memorial Fund – It was agreed that the memorial donations be placed in a separate bank account. It was agreed that the Simmonds family be kept informed. It was agreed that decisions regarding the memorial funs not be rushed and choose the possible date of one year anniversary. It was agreed that discussion of ideas take place with Dr Rodriguez, Director of the Research Station. Lane MacLaren and Connie MacKay Carr will arrange a meeting with her.
Several suggestions were made – Iron gateway, gazebo by the lily pond, apple orchard, an annual award in Janice Simmond’s name to recognize someone who advocates for green space and the environment.  The award could be made at the annual meeting and a fitting first recipient could be Lloyd MacLeod.
It was agreed to spend some time in thought and discuss at future    meetings.
·    Charitable Status – It was agreed that gaining charitable status is              very long and involved and has been discussed in the past. It was agreed to leave status as is and donors notified in the letter.
·    Website – It was agreed that Connie MacKay Carr place items on the website. Members are to send articles to her.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

7.    Adjournment and date of next meeting.

AGM 21-11-2011

Dear Friends of the Farm:

The annual meeting of the Friends of the Farm will be held at the Farm Centre, University Avenue on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 7 p.m. All members and the public are invited to attend.  There will be a short business meeting following which Kirsten Connor, President, Upton Farm Trust, will be our guest.

Please Download the Membership Renewal Form

Over the course of the past year the Board has worked hard on your behalf. The Royal Crown Garden was rebuilt and bloomed beautifully all summer, and a brand new species of rhododendron was planted in the Rhododendron Garden.

As well, this past summer, Premier Robert Ghiz and past premiers Catherine Callbeck, Keith Milligan and Pat Binns planted a “Premier’s Tree” at the Farm. This revived a long-standing tradition of having our PEI premiers plant a tree during their term of office, the last having been planted by former premier, Joe Ghiz in 1986.

The Board is proud of these accomplishments and particularly with having been able to make these enhancements to the property that we hold so dear.  This has been made possible with the support of  Research Manager, Dr. Maria Rodriguez, Property Manager, Gayle Arsenault and several staff members

Minutes November 2009

The minutes of the Annual Meeting November 9, 2009 were distributed to all in attendance for review and were duly approved.

Chair, Janice Simmonds gave a report of activity over the last year. She indicated that it had been a quiet year compared to the previous year in which a joint submission with the City of Charlottetown on the future of the Farm had been made to the Federal government. Highlights of the past year were the sponsorship of two public presentations on the design and use of urban spaces. The first lecture in May was by Larry Beasley, a renowned urban architect from Vancouver, and the second took place in October and was given by Greg Smallenberg, a landscape architect with wide experience in urban and community design.

A meeting was held with the new research manager of the Farm, Dr. Maria Rodriguez, to exchange information and ideas.

Bert Christie, acting Secretary-Treasurer, presented the financial statements report and audit. He also distributed a sheet listing those organizations and businesses who contributed financial support to the Larry Beasley presentation. The financial statements report was approved as circulated on a motion by Bert Christie, seconded by Ken MacDonald, and duly carried.

Gertie Purdy delivered a report on memberships and indicated there were currently 345 members. She asked those present to either join or renew their memberships that evening.

Ken MacDonald and Lane McLaren presented the report of the Nominations Committee. Two openings are currently available on the Board as one member, Paul Hickey, has decided to resign and Lloyd MacLeod is now an honorary Chair. The Nominations Committee put forward a proposal to nominate Kim Devine and Sylvia Poirier to fill the two vacancies on the Board. Additional nominations from the floor were requested and as no nominations from the floor were received, a motion to nominate Kim Devine and Sylvia Poirier as new Board members and to re-nominate the current members Janice Simmonds, Lane MacLaren, Nora Jenkins, Bert Christie, Catherine Hennessey, Connie-MacKay Carr, Doug MacDonald, Ken MacDonald, Libby Martin, and Gertie Purdy was put forward and seconded by Doug MacDonald and duly carried.

Janice Simmonds introduced the guest speakers of the evening, Dr. Maria Rodriguez, Research Manager and Mr. Jamie Coffin, Regional Engineer, Atlantic from the Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) Research Centre Home Farm. Other AAFC staff also in attendance were Mr. Roddy Pratt, Research Operations Manager, and Gail Arsenault, A/Integrated Services Manager. A handout was distributed to the attendees that outlined the status of the Farm property, management of the property, information on surplus buildings slated for demolition, and special projects such as the Ducks Unlimited ponds and the sunflower fundraiser. Jamie Coffin talked about maintenance and structural changes to the Farm property and about ten buildings that are considered surplus and the reasons their demolition is required when funding becomes available. He stressed that the Farm property continues to be useful for specific research activities, that it will continue to be well maintained, and that there is no talk of the property being declared surplus in the foreseeable future.

Various points were raised and questions posed by attendees and the AAFC position clarified on several initiatives. Items discussed included: the need to maintain Ravenwood house as a heritage property, ways to raise funds to help with its maintenance and the role of the Friends; access to the property for public events and liability issues; permission to revive the Royal Forest with new ceremonial tree plantings, the requirement for an official proposal to Real Property office in Ottawa, and the Friends role to purchase the trees; the reinstatement of the “Crown “ flower bed; and appreciation for the enhancements that have been made to the property by AAFC, such as the duck ponds, and the desire for future partnerships on similar projects with the Friends and the broader community.

The Chair, Janice Simmonds thanked the AAFC guests for their presentation and for the very useful and open discussion that resulted. She also thanked people for coming to the meeting and for their support and help and then adjourned the meeting.