Summer News

The Board of the Friends of the Farm wish to let you know of activities this summer. We are pleased to tell you the following.
  • A memorial bench was placed in memory of Janice Simmonds, who served as Board chair until her passing in May, 2012.  The bench is on the Confederation Trail at the point where the road intersects the Trail in the middle of the Farm. A flower bed was created and filled with perennials and annuals. It is hoped that this will be enjoyed by all who pass through the Farm and that it will provide a pleasant resting spot.
  • The Royal Crown Garden is planted and looks beautiful. Vankampen’s Greenhouses provided the 1,600 plants at a 50% discount again this year. Planting was done by the staff of the Experimental Farm and Board members are tending both the Crown Garden and the Memorial Garden.
  • The Friends of the Farm was successful in receiving a small event grant from 2014 Celebration for “Soaring to New Heights- Kite Flying on the Farm”. The application was supported by the New Comers Association, The Robertson Library at UPEI and Parks Canada in recognition of the historical link with Ardgowan. Thanks to Laura Lee Howard, Board member for her preparation on this successful proposal.
  • Senator Catherine Callbeck will plant a tree in the Premiers Grove on the Farm. This will mean that all Premiers from Walter Shaw onward will have planted a tree.  Senator Callbeck will plant on Wednesday, July 17 at 10:30 a.m. All are welcome to come and enjoy the Farm and share this event.
The Board meets monthly with the exception of July and August
We wish everyone a pleasant summer.