Premier Wade MacLaughlin Plants an Oak Tree

Premier Wade MacLauchlin planted a Red Oak in the Premier’s Grove at the Experimental Farm on Thursday, September 15.

He was joined by members of the Friends of the Farm, and is pictured with Lane MacLaren, chair of the Friends of the Farm Board.



Premier Wade MacLaughlin to Plant an Oak Tree

Friends of the Farm Invitation
It is a tradition that each Premier of Prince Edward Island plant a tree on the grounds of the Experimental Farm in the Premier’s Grove. The Friends of the Farm Board have secured the tree and completed  arrangements to have our Premier add to the grove.
Premier Wade MacLaughlin will plant an oak tree on Thursday, September 15 at 1 pm.
Everyone, Friends members and the public, is invited to attend the brief ceremony and visit of the premier to the Experimental Farm.
The Grove is located behind Ravenwood in a north west direction.
We look forward to this special occasion.

Thanks – Clean Up the Farm Day 2016

IMG_0936Thank you very much for everyones participation on May 14, in the annual Experimental Farm Cleanup Day.

Your participation is an expression of your care for the environment in general, and for the continued use of the Farm as a clean public green space in particular.

General comments heard today included that there was much less litter this year.

IMG_0944Perhaps this is due in some small part to past cleanups being so effective. …And the tall spruce hedgerow behind the RCMP is now again well cleaned out.

Thank you to each and every one who helped.



Experimental Farm Clean up

y May 14, 2016, 9 a.m.
Rain or Shine
behind Ravenwood House, Experimental Farm

The Friends of the Farm will have the fourth annual Farm Cleanup morning.  Please come, bring family, friends or group for a pleasant walk around the Farm and pick up litter from the winter.

Garbage bags will be supplied courtesy of the Women’s Institute Roadside Cleanup which is also on May 14.

Comfortable shoes/boots and a pair of gloves are all you need to come join in.

Your help and support of this project of the Friends of the Farm is appreciated.

Contact information: Doug MacDonald, or

This year we are inviting neighbouring businesses and residents to join us in the Clean Up.

All hands welcome as we will fill the bags with the debris from this messy winter.


Feel free to post this at your favorite places. FarmCleanUp2016

September Minutes


Friends of the Farm Board

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

1:15 pm

Present:         Lane MacLaren, Nora Jenkins,, Catherine Hennessey, Libby Martin, Roger Younker, Connie MacKay Carr, Jason MacEachern, Laura Lee Howard, Doug MacDonald,


Regrets:        Gertie Purdy, Sylvia Poirier,

  1. Call to order

Chair, Lane MacLaren called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to                       the meeting.

Lane MacLaren introduced Megan Harris who is the newly appointed executive                    director of Island Nature Trust. She was informed about the purpose of the Friends               of the Farm.  Thanks was expressed for the support of Island nature Trust for the               Friends of the Farm.


2.   Approval of Agenda

Laura Lee Howard moved, Doug MacDonald seconded,  the approval of                                  the agenda with eh addition of Ravenwood. Motion carried.


  1. Approval of Minutes of June 9, 2015

Libby Martin moved, Catherine Hennessey seconded, the approval of the                               minutes of June 9, 2015. Motion carried.


  1. Treasurer’s Report

Nora Jenkins reported a bank balance of $5,2044.44.

The development of a brochure was discussed.  It was decided that this be deferred             until late fall or early winter.


  1. Business arising from Minutes

–   Kite Day – Laura Lee Howard led the discussion for the planning for Kite Day.  It was decided that it be October 3 or 4 with the date to be confirmed with the Farm Centre. Laura Lee has been in touch with Wayne Levy of the Research Station.

–    Connie MacKay Carr has purchased 40 kites.  She agreed to purchase more.

–    It was agreed that Sobey’s and the City contacted/.

–    There will be kite making and face painting.

–    Beamish apples

–    An ad in the Buzz and the Guardian

–    Nora Jenkins to send letter to the Friends membership.

–   Gardens- Lane MacLaren reported that the Crown Garden looks good.  He also reported that he has contacted Dean Worth with the City who informed him that the concrete pad would be removed by late fall.  The Friends will then need to landscape the space left by then slab. It was suggested that a tree such as a maple be planted.

–   Ravenwood – Catherine Hennessey informed that she has been in touch with Josh Silver of Holland College who is interested in doing an evaluation of Ravenwood  and the cereal barn.  Catherine is to pursue this with him.

–   Mark Cullen – It was agreed that Mark Cullen be invited to come to PEI for a speaking engagement.  It would be separate from the annual meeting.  Roger Younker will continue to work on this.

–   Annual Meeting

–    Suggested Date is November 3, 2015

–    Place – Farm Centre

–    Speaker – Jackie Waddell  (Lane MacLaren to invite)

–    Janice Simmonds Award – Jackie Waddell in recognition of her work with Island Nature Trust.

–    Nominations – Lane MacLaren will step aside as chair.  Doug MacDonald – vice chair was asked to assume chair. Connie MacKay Carr was given two names as suggestions for new Board members. Nora Jenkins was given a suggestion for vice chair.

–    Publicity – Laura Lee Howard will include the annual meeting in the ads for the Buzz and the Guardian.  Nora Jenkins will do a letter to members.

7. New Business

  • Change in Management at Research Station – Lane MacLaren informed that Gail Arsenault will retire and was replaced by Shirley Jacko on September 3.  902 370 – 1419.  Lane thanked and congratulated Gail Arsenault and it was agreed that card would be sent by Nora Jenkins on behalf of the Friends.
  • Federal Election Candidates – It was discussed whether to send questions to candidates in the current election.  It was decided not to do so but instead to wait until following the election.

8.  Adjournment and Date of Next Meeting

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

The date of the next meeting is tentatively scheduled for October 6 , 2015, at 1:15 pm.


Lane MacLaren                                                        Nora Jenkins

Chair                                                                          Secretary

Friends of the Farm                                                Friends of the Farm

Kite flying on the Farm

The Friends of the Farm will be hosting a second kite flying event at the Farm Centre on Sunday October 4 from 2- 4pm. Come along and bring your friends. children and grandchildren. Admission is free .

June Minutes



Friends of the Farm Board

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

1:15 pm

Present: Lane MacLaren, Nora Jenkins, Gertie Purdy, Catherine Hennessey, Sylvia Poirier, Libby Martin, Roger Younker, Connie MacKay Carr,

Regrets: Jason MacEachern, Laura Lee Howard, Doug MacDonald,


1. Call to order

Chair, Lane MacLaren called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2. Approval of Agenda

Connie MacKay Carr moved, Libby Martin seconded, the approval of the agenda. Motion carried.


4. Approval of Minutes of May 12, 2015

Sylvia Poirier moved, Gertie Purdy seconded, the approval of the minutes of May 12, 2015. Motion carried.


5. Treasurer’s Report

Nora Jenkins reported a bank balance of $5,377.27.


6. Business arising from Minutes

* Meeting with Jeannette MacAulay of Hon Gail Shea’s Office. Sylvia Poirier reported that Jeannette MacAulay was knowledgeable of the purpose and work of the Friends of the Farm and this was discussed with her. She confirmed that there are no immediate prospects for the status of the Farm to change. She agreed to look into the activity regarding some land at the Ottawa Farm. It was discussed with her that the Friends are concerned about the upkeep and condition of Ravenwood, the importance of the house and the need for work on the property. She agreed to look for program opportunities for Ravenwood.

* Ravenwood – It was agreed that Catherine Hennessey would contact Josh Silver at Holland College to request that he take a “quick look” at Ravenwood and the Cereal Barn. It was suggested that he be given an honorarium.

* Clean up the Farm Day – May 23, 2015. It was agreed that it was a very successful day. It was agreed that it is a good idea to contact businesses and neighbours to assist as it raises awareness. Thanks was expressed by The Farmers Market Manager. It was agreed that signs placed at either end of the trail would be good PR.

* Kite Day – Kite Day will be in October. Connie MacKay Carr reported that she has bought 40 kites at the Dollar Store.

* Gardens-The Crown Garden plants have been purchased and the planting arranged by Doug MacDonald. The weeding schedule is July – Connie MacKay

Carr, Lane MacLaren, August — , Nora Jenkins, September – Roger Younker. The City will be requested to water the garden.

Libby Martin reported on the Janice Simmonds Memorial Garden and that it needs freshening as some plants were lost. Lane agreed to contact Nancy McMinn at the City to request the concrete pad be moved and to ask for a barrel to plant flowers.

7. New Business

* Annual Meeting-Suggestions for recipient of the Janice Simmonds award were made. There was a suggestion of the topic Green Space and Health.


8. Adjournment and Date of Next Meeting

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned.

The date of the next meeting is tentatively scheduled for September 8, 2015, at 1:15 pm.



Lane MacLaren Nora Jenkins

Chair Secretary

Friends of the Farm Friends of the Farm